The EURINS Chaire contributes to promoting the development of three main research axes in line with current EU and European Commission priorities.

1st topic: EU international insolvency law

It involves strengthening and consolidating existing research on the treatment of insolvency with cross-border effects within the European territory. Furthermore, it aims to develop these actions for studying situations that now unfold in a post-Brexit context, meaning open to international aspects and involving relations with the Third Estate.

2nd topic: Harmonization of national insolvency laws

The aim is to address the new European measures, both present and in preparation, which are bringing the insolvency systems of the Member States closer together, and which, by being incorporated into national legislation, are modifying French law and the practices of insolvency professionals.

3rd topic: Social expertise in European insolvency law

The aim is to develop expertise at national and European level on issues involving the protection of employees and jobs against employer insolvency, in order to support the policy of the European Commission, which recommends in each of its legal instruments on insolvency procedures, to improve workers’ rights at European level and guarantee an appropriate level of protection. Given the financial and economic impact on workers’ lives, and the repercussions on employment in local areas, this is undoubtedly one of the issues that most raises public awareness.

Only an in-depth analysis of these three areas will provide a better understanding of current European integration policies in insolvency law, and their combined study will help to promote excellence in a rapidly changing area of private law.

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